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How to Make Dumplings

Once I made some dumplings and took pictures to record the process


7. Make the Actual Dumplings. Refrigerate. (see back!)


6. Make Dumpling Skin


First press then knead; Glass cup works too.


Dough on the Left ≈ 40 Dumplings


5. Chop the Rod-like Dough

Chop the Rod-Like Dough

into equal-sized pieces, so that your dumplings have the same size. Tip: Flip the dough every time you chop off one piece. This is fun.


4. Knead the Dough to be Rod-like


You Will Develop Your Own Way of Kneading. Enjoy it.


3. Making the Dough

Making the Dough

Now I make the dough. I simply poured some all purpose flour into a big bowl, put an egg in it, and stir-add (stirring when adding) water. You want to use chopsticks to stir the wet flour in one direction. If it's hard for the flour to come together to form a dough, it might be that you need more water. After stirring for a while, use your clean hands to knead the dough. Try to form a smooth surface on the dough. Knead for 5-7 minutes. Then cover the big bowl with pot lid, or plastic wrap. Let it sit there for 15 min - 1hr; The more water you added, or the more soft you want the dough to be, the longer you want it to sit. Then, when you take out the dough, it should be quite elastic. Once you have a dough, you don't have to make dumplings. You can quit now and create something different (like noodle https://omnivorescookbook.com/recipes/hand-pulled-noodles ). It's up to you.


2. Make the Dumpling Filling

Then I Made the Filling

This one in particular uses grounded pork mixed with radish. In addition, I put: - minced garlic - minced green onion - soy sauce - oyster sauce - salt - sugar (a little bit) It might smell salty but not really when cooked.. I didn't have these but you may also put: - sesame oil - pepper oil More filling receipts: https://www.saveur.com/best-global-dumpling-recipes#page-4


1. Grounding the Meat

First I Grounded the Meat

Grounding the meat (pork) is easier if you put your other hand on the spine of your knife, and press down onto the meat with both hands. Go back and forth horizontally and vertically several times.