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About Koolio.io

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Currently, we are working on a short video to showcase Koolio in a vivid way. Before that's done, we hope you learn what Koolio is about by reading the following texts.

What is Koolio.io about?

In essence, Flippable Cards. Koolio.io is a place where you can share and view two-sided flippable cards. You may be tempted to know what's on the other side of a card, or you may just flip around as you enjoy. When creating a card, You can decide what type of content to put on each side of it (we support text, image, and video for now). A deck groups multiple cards together, indicating their topic.

Koolio.io is a nice place to share things in a unique and creative way, and to seek inspiration by exploring other people's creativity [Explore Now]. You also have the option to create private decks where you can keep your personal notes. Also, you can share your decks to your friends so that they can edit them too.

It just started.

We just opened this website recently, so there might be not enough content yet. We will really appreciate if you can share something, for the better off of this website, and for making you and your friends happier. Join Koolio.io today!

If you have any thoughts or feedback, please email feedback@koolio.io. We always love your feedback!

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